GRACE: [SCOFFS, LAUGHS, SNORTS] It bugs you, doesn't it?
BEN: What?
GRACE: When you're not the center of attention. It kills you. I can tell.
BEN: You think so?
GRACE: Mmm-hm. I know you, Ben. You're so focused on yourself and your whole Ben Doucette thing. But do you ever think about anyone else? Have you ever stopped to ask someone else what's up?
BEN: What's up, Grace? [BEN SMILES]
GRACE: A-ha ha, ho ho ho, No. I don't think so. That's not gonna work with me. We're talking about you.
BEN: All right, fine. What do you want to know?
GRACE: How about something real... Something that doesn't involve the words Porsche, beach house, or what's-her-name?
BEN: Hmm. Ok. Something real. Well, I've been married twice. First, to the love of my life who died 10 years ago, then to a woman who reminded me of my first wife but was, I found out, nothing like her. I have 2 beautiful kids, one who's crazy about me and one who's not. And somehow, driving my Porsche to my beach house with what's-her-name doesn't quite make up for the fact that the things I really want in my life are exactly what's missing from it.
GRACE: Wow. Is that true?
BEN: All but the Porsche part. I drive a Mercedes now. S-Class. Any more questions, Grace?
GRACE: Um... How's the lamb? I made it, you know.
BEN: It's really good, Grace. It's good.


"I don't mind but i would like not to go" - G

2nd of April 2016, 10.20am


"That anxiety though.. It's so real." - R

24th of March 2016, 1.40am


"I hate when we're leaving a session and we have to find everything like our wallet and keys and all" - A
"They should invent something" - R
"Yeah like a bag" - P


"That's such a racist compliment" - R

7th of March 2016, 11.13am


"Second Recorded Incident: stick man having his routine walk."

9th of March 2016, 11.43pm



And that time is here.
It should be some time around now where i start to feel a bit off and put off from living in the present. I had mentally prepared myself for this. I had constructed a task of things to do so that stress does not instigate on this feeling. I had composed my weeks, balancing out work and university and even accounted for those "time-out days". I had even picked up some haze to help fasten the settle and the adjustment.

Get hit by an inundation of needless days off and Post Holiday Depression (PHD) has easily made it's way through and proceeded once again.



"I remember my first ever feeling of running was on this park." - R

29th of February 2016, 4.03pm