"Fourth Recorded Incident: parked opposite Paul's House. Car enters in the house right in front of us."

11th of April 2016, 10.45pm


"My mind wandered into a crazy realisation last night. It was like i tapped onto a loop that kept on looping. Anyways, i think i know why i suddenly gave up on religion when i was younger. I think it's because i found out that it was a lie; my family had just used the idea of religion as a cultural assimilation into the borders of Australia. I grew up believing in God and Jesus so much because as a child, i believed it connected my family. I went through all of it; the lunch and after school Catholic Club classes in Primary, had Holy Communion School and Ceremony, man, i even watched my brother get baptised? And of course, i later found out, and not because my mum or my dad told me, but because as a teenager, you grow to pick up truths along the way. I honestly just thought all about this last night. I felt like i was in so much denial when it came to religion and i had no idea why i was feeling that. It's crazy how we can bury unwanted memories so deep in denial that you sort of feel nothing about it." - R

5th of May 2016, 9.37pm


"So we went on the drive to the moon and it was closed." - A

23rd of May 2016, 12.21pm



"Why do i have such a huge headache?" - A
"Cause you didn't do any rack last night." - R

23rd of April 2016, 1.22pm


"I felt like i was dancing in a black hole, It was fucking insane" - R

18th of April 2016, 4.08pm


"It's a suburb" - P
"Do i know it?" - R
"I don't know bro, I'm not your brain" - P

1st of April 2016, 7.16pm


"Third Recorded Incident: as soon as we park outside Paul's, his next door neighbour drives out of his driveway."

31st of March 2016, 9.23pm



GRACE: [SCOFFS, LAUGHS, SNORTS] It bugs you, doesn't it?
BEN: What?
GRACE: When you're not the center of attention. It kills you. I can tell.
BEN: You think so?
GRACE: Mmm-hm. I know you, Ben. You're so focused on yourself and your whole Ben Doucette thing. But do you ever think about anyone else? Have you ever stopped to ask someone else what's up?
BEN: What's up, Grace? [BEN SMILES]
GRACE: A-ha ha, ho ho ho, No. I don't think so. That's not gonna work with me. We're talking about you.
BEN: All right, fine. What do you want to know?
GRACE: How about something real... Something that doesn't involve the words Porsche, beach house, or what's-her-name?
BEN: Hmm. Ok. Something real. Well, I've been married twice. First, to the love of my life who died 10 years ago, then to a woman who reminded me of my first wife but was, I found out, nothing like her. I have 2 beautiful kids, one who's crazy about me and one who's not. And somehow, driving my Porsche to my beach house with what's-her-name doesn't quite make up for the fact that the things I really want in my life are exactly what's missing from it.
GRACE: Wow. Is that true?
BEN: All but the Porsche part. I drive a Mercedes now. S-Class. Any more questions, Grace?
GRACE: Um... How's the lamb? I made it, you know.
BEN: It's really good, Grace. It's good.